Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I miss my house

I went from this....

to this...

Oh how I miss the spacious rooms and huge backyard. I miss everything about my house. After 5 years of living there I am so sad to have left. But life has to move forward. So now I'm living in an apartment about half the size of the house. And poor Peyton misses the house too....especially the backyard. He needs to run around and play outside. But we can make this apartment a nice place to stay for the next 6 months. By that time, The General will be back and we'll figure out where to go from here.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Bigger than my body ... but just barely

So we're finally here! The new apartment is TINY TINY TINY - so it's a tight fit with me, the dog, and the cat. It's been an eventful weekend getting moved.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Looking back on 2008

So in all the madness of moving and packing, I decided to take a quick peek at some of the events of 2008.

1. Taz - I can't believe that my beloved cat has been gone for over a year now. When she passed in February 2008 I thought I would never recover.

2. Salem - my quirky cat has also had an eventful year. She lost her companion Taz and gained an enemy in Peyton.

3. Peyton - never would I have thought that I would be a dog person (I've always loved cats). But 8 months after picking him up for the first time, I'm still as in love as ever.

4. The General - all I can say is "wow" - you coming into my life has been such an amazing blessing and I thank God for you every day

5. Everything else - with everything that has happened, I continue to be amazed at the glory and goodness of God. Without going into too much detail, I left a job early in 2008 to return to a company where things have evolved into an awesome opportunity. I am blessed with a wonderful family, great friends, and so many other things. I'm learning every day how important it is to give everything to God and to wait for Him.

Posts About Peyton

I've been a little busy lately. I got a new puppy this week - his name is Peyton and he's adorable! And he's a handful too. This is my first puppy so I'm trying to learn how to train him.

My sweet puppy Peyton is growing like a weed. He's 8 weeks old now and weighs 11 pounds. While I love him to death, we are having some issues. He's a biter (which is expected in puppies I know) so we're working on that. And when I say he bites I mean he will take your hand off!!! I thought my biggest concern would be house training but that is going very well.

However, this fierce puppy is deathly afraid of the vacuum cleaner! This is all you could see this past weekend when I was cleaning the house. He eventually fell asleep there

And while we enjoy going outside in the backyard, he always keeps his eyes on me to make sure that I'm still out there with him. We're working our way up to the front yard. There are scary cars and too many other things. He's afraid of most things outside but he rules inside the house!! (only when the vacuum cleaner is safely put away in the closet)

The Future Is Here

So I'm finally going to bring the posts from my other blog here and consolidate. Here's one of my first posts from last Summer. Looking back all I can think is "how great is our God?"

The Future Is Here

  • Jun 2, 2008

Friday, February 6, 2009

Woo Hoo Yeah

So the couple and I have come to an agreement and they are going to rent my house!!!! (since you can't see me I will tell you that I'm totally doing the happy dance right now)

And the best thing is that they are going to move in the week after I move out so I'm not going to have to worry about paying a mortgage and rent for an apartment. Today life is pretty good. Maybe by the end of their year lease the housing market will have improved!

In other news - tomorrow is YARD SALE DAY!!! I'm so excited about getting rid of stuff. It's amazing what has collected in my house in the last 5 years. I'm such a pack rat. And I've decided that whatever doesn't sell tomorrow is going straight to Goodwill. Nothing is going back in the house. Right now my house looks like there was a tornado but hopefully after tomorrow it will look a little better. I'm about 50% packed up - only 2 weeks to go before moving day - yikes ~ better get busy....