Monday, July 26, 2010

Mini Vacation

With The General still working with the oil spill, my mother and I decided that it was time we took ourselves and the dog down there for a few days.  It was the first time the dog has been to the beach.  We had a blast!
At first, he was afraid of the water and kept backing out of it.  But we finally got him to go in the water and pretty soon....well take a look...

We had a super awesome time!!

Even though it was just a couple of days we enjoyed our time spent with The General and can't wait to go back to the beach.


Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July

The 4th of July is my FAVORITE holiday.  I'm excited to get to spend the holiday with my husband on the Gulf Coast.  Fireworks rank pretty high on my list of favorite things.  Looking back at last year I will have to say that things have greatly improved for The General and I.  We spent last 4th of July in a hotel after moving out of our apartment when we found out they were providing illegal electricity.  So we were practically homeless.  Let me just say that 2 nights in a hotel room with a dog and a cat are not the most exciting way to spend the holiday.  But we did get to see some pretty awesome fireworks from the balcony of the hotel.

No More You Tube

Not forever...just no more for me today!

I've gotten sucked in and have been watching videos of soldiers coming home and crying my eyes out for about 2 hours.  Definitely not a good way to spend the holiday.  I'm spending the morning at the hotel waiting for The General to get done with work for the day.  It's been 33 days since The General left home to work on the Gulf Coast.  I'm thinking of it as a "mini-deployment."  I'm so blessed that I'm able to talk to him most every day and that I can come visit him.  But it still sucks having him away from home.