Saturday, August 21, 2010

Baby What a Big Surprise

Last Friday the General returned from the Gulf Coast - yay!!  When he got home just before lunch he suggested that we go to Gatlinburg to celebrate our anniversary.  The catch was that we were leaving just after lunch. to make it happen.  So for the next couple of hours we were frantically packing and getting everything ready and I was trying to tie up loose ends at work.  Then we officially started our vacation.

We started by heading to see the in-laws.  Turns out they were also going Gatlinburg for their anniversary which is about two weeks before ours.  So we stayed there for the weekend and then headed up to Gatlinburg on Sunday morning.  We were able to stop and meet my brother and his family for lunch.

My nieces

We had an awesome time in Gatlinburg.  It was tough for me since there was so much walking and I'm still recovering from foot surgery but it was great!  They have a really nice aquarium and we love to go there.  Even though it rained a little every day we couldn't have asked for better weather. 

The top of our wedding cake
This picture makes me giggle every time - the shark is headed right for him!
One of my favorite pictures of all time - the shark teeth going right through his head!
Playing around at the aquarium - I was talking to the fish

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  1. That looks like fun! One of those places I hope to visit eventually.