Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I am way behind

So I've been trying to sit down and post for the last few days and every time I think I have a few minutes something else happens. It's been a crazy busy few weeks since moving to Mississippi. Last weekend I traveled back to Memphis to be in a friend's wedding. It was so great to see everyone!! Here's a picture of me and my friend and one of all the bridesmaids' shoes after the ceremony. Good Times~
I also was able to finish the wedding quilt - finally. It turned out really great. Here's a picture of the bride with her new quilt.

What else am I missing? Things otherwise are good. Work seems to be improving. And The General will be home SOON - less than 3 weeks!!!


  1. That quilt is beautiful!? You did that all by yourself? I wish I was so talented

  2. The quilt is so pretty! I'm sure the bride loves it!

  3. Ahhh less than 3 weeks!?!?! That's amazing!! Looks like I'm joining in on your blog just when the excitement begins. How long has he been in Iraq?