Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Family Affair

Saturday we all went out in support of Fallen Soldiers.  There as a 5K run/walk and The General and I along with my father-in-law participated.  This was my first real attempt at a 5K since the accident 14 months ago.  There were times I wasn’t sure I would finish but I was determined to walk the entire course in under an hour.  My father-in-law also walked the course while The General was the runner in the family. 




It was a trail run and the course was pretty difficult with rocks and tree branches and such.  We all finished proudly.  After the race, we stayed for the awards ceremony.  Turns out, my father-in-law ended up being the Grand Master Champion for the men walkers!  And I got 3rd place for the women walkers in my age category!!  It was very exciting.  Although The General didn’t receive an award, we are very proud of him.  For the men runners, he had a lot of competition in his age category.


Then on Sunday we heard a wonderful message at church.  It was a great weekend!

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