Saturday, June 26, 2010

A New Family Tradition

I've created a monster! It all started with the quilts I made for two of my best friends' weddings. Then The General's cousin and his wife were pregnant and we wanted to make them a baby quilt. Now it's almost expected that I will make one for each of the nieces and nephews (thank goodness we only have 5 between the two of us) and for any new babies.

The one for the baby turned out great. The General's cousin is a hunter so we decided to make the quilt for both the cousin and his wife. One side is all pink and white (so cute) and the other is pink camo!

Here's one of the nieces and her new quilt. I absolutely LOVE the way this one turned out. This girl is all into pink. When we gave the baby quilt to the cousin and his wife, she came up to me later and said she wanted one just like it. So I was able to use some of the leftover fabric. And I found some awesome fabric for the back - you can't really tell in the picture but the back is pink and sparkly.  It was so pretty I wanted to keep it for myself but I knew she would love it more than me.

Well we just found out that two of the other cousins are now pregnant and due a month apart this Fall. I had better get busy on those.

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